Sample Preparation for the Analysis of Ochratoxin A

The OtaCLEAN columns are available in the practical 3 mL polypropylene format or additionally as 1 mL version. The column bed consists of a soft-gel, which is covered by a storage buffer. The storage buffer contains a preservative. The loading capacity is 200 ng ochratoxin A per column. The shelf life of the columns is 24 months at a storage temperature of 4 °C to 30 °C.

The immunoaffinity column OtaCLEAN was developed for the sample preparation within the food analysis via HPLC with fluorescence detection and LC-MS, respectively.

Advantages at a Glance

  • 1 mL and 3 mL format
  • Shelf life: 24 months at room temperature
  • Loading capacity: 200 ng ochratoxin A
  • Recoveries: > 90 %
  • Suitable for automated processing

Functionality of the Columns

The monoclonal antibody was specifically designed for this field of application and thus guarantees best results also with difficult matrices. The working mode is based on the principles of immunoaffinity. The material within the columns is covered with antibodies which are directed against ochratoxin A. Upon application of a crude extract onto the column, the ochratoxin A is retained, whereas the remaining matrix components pass the column. After a washing step, the ochratoxin A can be eluted quantitatively from the column with methanol and measured with HPLC.

The columns possesses a very high matrix tolerance and are able to bind ochratoxin A highly specific. The matrix interferences can be largely separated. Thus, e.g. all types of coffee can be tested without prior SPE clean-up.

Quality is important to us!

Since the antibodies as well as the immunoaffinity columns are produced by LCTech, numerous in-house quality tests over the whole production process guarantee a persistent quality. LCTech meets the high demands of European and international legal requirements concerning mycotoxin analysis and controls every single production step. A detailed quality certificate is included in each pack.

Recovery Rates

In the following recovery rates (%) of ochratoxin A in different matrices are shown , cleaned-up with LCTech´s 3 mL immunoaffinity columns OtaCLEAN and analysed with an HPLC/FLD system. The samples were spiked with 10 ppb total ochratoxin A respectively. The results correspond to the performance specifications of EC 401 / 2006 (Section 4.3.1):

Matrix OTA
Beer 96
Cacao 92
Coffee 100
Durum Wheat 92


In the following some exemplary chromatograms are shown, which were obtained by using OtaCLEAN columns:

Beer, spiked with 2 ng

Roasted Coffee, spiked with 5 ng