Sample Preparation and Analysis

According to estimations by the FAO up to one forth of the world production of food is contaminated with mycotoxins. These toxins, which are produced by fungi during inappropriate storage, are an enormous health risk for the consumer: They can lead to toxications and enhance the cancer risk.

EU-wide strict regulations concerning the maximum content of mycotoxins are set up leading to the necessarity of an effective and powerful analysis.

LCTech supports you in your daily laboratory routine with a range of clever, reliable products at reasonable prices: from immunoaffinity columns and derivatisation devices up to a system for the complete automation in the mycotoxin analysis.

Complete Automation

Automated Sample Preparation


Fully automated mycotoxin analysis from raw extract to the chromatogram: fast and with high sensitivity: ppt instead of ppb


The FREESYLE robotic system with SPE module assumes routinelaboratory tasks: around theclock , unattended and reliably.

Fast and Efficient Sample


Elisa Rapid Test

Immunoaffinity and Clean-up Columns

The LCTech columns are suitable for the clean-up of food and feed samples ready for subsequent analysis and are convincing due to their quality and diversity.
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Simple rapid test for the qualitative analysis of ergot alkaloids in wheat, rye and triticale.

Photochemical Derivatisation

Tricky Matrix


The UVE derivatisation module allows easily analysing aflatoxins with HPLC.

Matrix of the month

New every month: chromatograms and recovery rates of a mycotoxin together with the protocol of processing.