DoneX (Deoxynivalenol)

SPE Clean-up Columns for the Deoxynivalenol Analysis

DONeX has a maximum capacity of 4 g. As a rule, this toxin is analysed with an HPLC with UV detector or alternatively with HPLC with post-column derivatisation and fluorescence detector or with LC/MS.

Owing to the high matrix load, users of an HPLC system with UV detector achieve reliably low detection limits and chromatgrams that are easy to evaluate.

The clean-up column is available in a 3 mL format and is thus suitable for automated processing e.g. with the robotic system FREESTYLE SPE.

Advantages at a Glance

  • 3 mL format
  • No special requirements for storage
  • Loading capacity: 4 g matrix
  • High measuring sensitivity
  • Suitable for automated processing

Application Field and Functionality

The DONeX clean-up column developed by LCTech excludes matrix interferences and herewith related long chromatographies with interfering matrix peaks. This results in better and faster chromatograms as well as in higher measuring sensitivity. The column is suitable for many common matrices such as corn, barley, oats, wheat, rye, cereal-based feed, but also for more complex matrices such as cereals, pasta or breads.

The material within the columns is retaining matrix components and interfering substances, whereas the toxin flows through. Deoxynivalenol and Nivalenol are passing the column with the same efficiency. The column bed consists of a dry material. It has no special requirements for storage.

Quality is important to us!

To guarantee a persistent quality all materials are intensely tested over the whole production process. LCTech meets the high demands of european and international legal requirements concerning mycotoxin analysis and controls every single production step. A detailed quality certificate is included in each pack.

Recovery Rates

Exemplary recovery rates of deoxynivalenol in different matrices, cleaned-up with DONeX, are shown in the following table:

Matrix DON
Bread 108
Maize 90
Chicken Feed 101
Distillers Grain 91
Oat Flakes 100


In the following some exemplary chromatograms are shown, which were obtained by using the DONeX clean-up columns:

Chicken Feed, spiked with 1 ppm, extracted and purified

Rye, spiked with 1 ppm, extracted and purified