Sample Preparation for Water Analysis

Water is responsible for every life on our earth and covers about 71% of its surface. Drinking water for humans, habitat for plants or animals, or used in agriculture or industry, life is not possible without water.

At the same time the lack of water is one of our biggest problems in the world. Therefore the analysis of water is of greatest importance.

One important part within water analysis is the sample preparation that comes with different requirements depending on the application. So for example large sample volumes have often to be cleaned up when processing drinking water, raw water, or river water, whereas smaller sample volumes can occur while processing the leaching of sediments.

LCTech provides a diversified product range to facilitate the sample preparation for water analysis: from automated systems and manual device up to different kinds of columns.

Automated Processing of Large Sample Volumes

Automated Processing for Samples up to 100 mL


Without the need for supervision, the system processes samples reliably over 24 hours and 7 days/week through all stages beginning with the raw sample up to filling into autosampler vials.


Automation for SPE application around the clock, e.g. sample preparation with the H53 method, determination of the hydrocarbon oil index.

Automated Processing of PFAS

Automated EVAporation


The modified system enables the automated clean-up of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances from up to 24 water samples of 0.1 to 10 litres – fast, unattended and with low blank values.
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Module of the FREESTYLE system for precise EVAporation of the sample to a defined end volume between 5.0 mL and 0.2 mL; can be combined with FREESTYLE XANA and FREESTYLE SPE.

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Manual Processing

Florisil Ready-to-use Columns

Vacuum Manifold EluVac

Simultaneous clean-up of up to 20 samples under vacuum. Due to different sample racks and a pipe connected to an external reservoir the device is suitable for large sample volumes like water.

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The ready-to-use glass columns are available in different sizes, filled and unfilled, and also suitable for the H53 method.

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SPE Glass Columns

Unfilled SPE Glass Columns

The glass columns are available in different sizes and with the appurtenant inert accessories and are suitable for automated processing, e. g. with the FREESTYLE system.

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