SPE Columns

SPE columns for solid phase extraction

In addition to the wide range of columns for mycotoxin analysis, LCTech offers other columns for solid phase extraction (SPE).

Samples are often cleaned in analytical laboratories using SPE columns in order to obtain clean solutions for the subsequent analysis or to concentrate the analyte. A variety of available columns are made of plastic. Due to interactions with the analytes or the release of contaminants from the plastic, this type of column cannot be used for some applications.

That is why LCTech offers glass columns (filled or unfilled and in different sizes) including the associated inert accessories, such as stainless steel needles, glass fiber filters and lids, especially for these applications.


In addition, LCTech offers the BioteX purification column for biotin / vitamin B7 analysis in the field of vitamin analysis.
Biotin is a naturally occurring vitamin that belongs to the family of B vitamins (B7) and water-soluble vitamins. It can be found ubiquitously in many foods. Eg egg yolk, soybeans and liver belong to foods with a high biotin content. The concentration of biotin supports a vitamin-rich diet and can therefore be found in many vitamin drinks, vitamin tablets and nutritional supplements.



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SPE glass columns

Filled and for self-filling

LCTech offers glass columns especially for applications in which simple plastic columns cannot be used.
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BioteX (Biotin)

Affinity column for biotin / vitamin B7 analysis

The BioteX affinity columns are available in 3 mL polypropylene format and can be stored refrigerated for up to 9 months. Their loading capacity is 1000 ng biotin.
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