GPC uno/quattro

GPC uno – Simple system
for sample preparation

The GPC uno from LCTech is a simple and universal system for gel permeation chromatography for the purification of food and feed as well as environmental samples. The system enables a quick and inexpensive entry into the GPC and the basic version is very well suited for laboratories with small numbers of samples. 

With additional modules to be installed at a later date, the GPC uno can be expanded at any time with additional GPC lines and thus adapted to increased number of samples or different applications.
Expand your system according to your requirements:

GPC quattro – four systems in one device

With the GPC quattro you can use up to four GPC runs in parallel – either with the same method on all columns or with independently defined conditions for each column. Each GPC line is operated by its own pump. This allows the sample throughput to be quadrupled compared to sequential processing, e.g. B. 

Sequential purification Parallel processing with GPC quattro
45 min GPC run 45 min GPC run
+ 5 min. Rinsing / sample + 5 min rinsing / 4 samples
= 11 samples / 9 hours = 44 samples / 9 hours

GPC quattro noticeably relieves you in your laboratory thanks to the parallel use of several GPC columns and saves you time. The system is already in use in renowned laboratories with high sample throughputs for e.g. B. spices in oil, azo dyes, antioxidants, pesticides and more. It combines a robust, low-maintenance design with reliability and reproducibility, thus enabling fast, reliable results with worry-free operation.

The controls – intuitive and clear

The clear and understandable standard view gives an overview with all current settings. Every pillar can be started individually right here. Operation is intuitive and possible without previous knowledge.

Would you like to see details?

Track the progress of each column in real time – with time bars, numerical times and a constantly updated flow path and process status diagram. The alternative: The representation on the PC allows the processes on the system to be tracked even from remote workplaces.

Decide for yourself how extensive your system is!

Thanks to the modular structure, GPC uno and GPC quattro remain flexible and can be adapted to the requirements in your laboratory. The installation of the upgrades is possible at any time and easily. In the basic version, four columns run in parallel with the same method, ie with the same settings for the flow rate, the pressure and the flow, flow and flow. In this version, the columns can already be started independently of one another.

Upgrade 1 allows each individual run to be run individually. You can use up to four different methods, column types and eluents in parallel.

Upgrade 2 includes three additional sensors for level monitoring in the disposal containers. It is the right choice if you want to work with up to four different eluents. A sensor is already included in the basic version.

Upgrade 3 enables data and processes to be displayed on the PC.

The GPC test standard – quality assurance of your GPC column

The test standard contains:

  • Corn oil (25g / L)
  • Ethylhexyl phthalate (1g / L)
  • Methoxychlor (200 mg / L)
  • Perylene (20 mg / L)

in ethyl acetate / cyclohexane (1/1; v / v). The test is based on US EPA SW846 Method 3640A. The test standard is available in a 16 mL vial and stored at 4-8 ° C protected from light.