ELISA Rapid Test ErgoREAD

Simple, quick and inexpensive screening for ergot alkaloids

Ergot alkaloids or ergot alkaloids are naturally occurring mycotoxins. They are formed by fungi of the genus Claviceps in various grain and flour products as primary contamination and have highly toxic properties.


Poisoning by ergot alkaloids is known as ergotism or as Antonius fire or ignis sacer – “holy fire”. The first known mother-of-pearl epidemic occurred in 857, and many more followed with countless deaths. To this day, harmful alkaloid levels are found in food and feed.

The ErgoREAD rapid test is ready to use: It contains a 96-well ELISA plate, the 8-well strips can also be used individually, as well as all necessary reagents and standards. A manual and a clear brief instruction guide the laboratory staff through the uncomplicated application.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • Complete, inexpensive quick test
  • High sample throughput: 96 samples (including standards) in 105 minutes
  • Only 2 extraction methods for solid samples
  • Best repeatability through standardization
  • Reacts with both the “-ins” and the “-inins”
  • Long shelf life (12 months)
  • Simple software available free of charge
  • Wide measuring range
  • Very good recoveries: 80-110%

Comparison of the measurement results using LC-MS / MS and
the ELISA rapid test ErgoREAD:

sample LC-MS / MS ELISA ErgoREAD
Wheat* 1.68 µg / g 1.89 µg / g
Rye* 0.57 µg / g 0.48 µg / g
Triticale * 1.15 µg / g 1.64 µg / g

* Data from the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing