DEXTech Pure

The solution for “pure” ifified fractions

DEXTech Pure enables unique purification of PCB and dioxins in a separate (pure) fraction. This is the perfect solution for customers who want to analyze PCB and dioxins separately in a GC-MS run, or for users who only measure PCB, as is often the case in the environmental field. The DEXTech Pure offers a shortened 2-column method especially for this.

Externally, DEXTech Pure and DEXTech Plus do not differ. The inner workings make the difference, because DEXTech Pure is modified in terms of fluidics and methods.

This enables DEXTech Pure PCB to be completely separated from dioxins based on aluminum oxide. In addition to this new method, the fast and inexpensive standard method known and proven from DEXTech Plus can also be used with the aluminum oxide column on DEXTech Pure. 

The column tower with patented locking system

As with DEXTech Plus, the column tower of the DEXTech Pure System is designed for 3 columns. By simply clicking in the respective column, DEXTech Pure can be easily equipped according to customer requirements, matrix or desired method – “just click it”. Without further manual work steps, without screwing, without tools.
Flexible and easy, from sample to sample.

  • Acidic silica gel column:  Depending on the sample, either SMART column (samples with up to 1.5 g fat load) or universal column (samples with up to 5 g fat load).
    Simple and quick change between universal and SMART columns by clicking an adapter.
  • Alumina column 
  • Carbon column:  Reusable 
    Advantage:  Cost savings with pure PCB analysis, since the carbon column is not required and is replaced by a dummy column.

Details on the LCTech columns for PCB and dioxin analysis

The factions

DEXTech Pure is supplied with eight evaluated, standard methods stored in the system, which allow real sample processing to begin immediately after installation of the device. No method development is necessary. The following methods are available for use with both the universal column and the SMART column.

Alox Pure method

The Alox Pure method separates PCBs from dioxins and collects them in one fraction. All in all, with this environmentally friendly technology, the costs per sample drop immensely.

Alox Plus method

The conventional method on which DEXTech Plus is already established and proven in routine laboratories: the mono-ortho-PCBs are collected in the first fraction together with the ndl-PCBs and the PBDEs. The second fraction contains the non-ortho PCBs and the PCDD / Fs.

PCB only method

Some laboratories are interested in analyzing only PCBs. In this case, DEXTech Pure offers a 2-pillar method. This is based on Alox Pure, however the carbon column is not required and the dioxin fraction is eliminated. This shortens the runtime, the solvent consumption and you save the costs of a column.

Cross contamination excluded

Dioxin only method

If you only analyze dioxins, the 2-column dioxin only method has several advantages: The processing time per sample is faster, the column equipment is cheaper because the aluminum oxide column is not required, and the solvent consumption is reduced because there is only one extraction protocol is required without pre-cleaning. At the same time, no DCM is required. Overall, this leads to lower costs per sample and environmentally friendly technology.

Flexible parameterization

In addition to the standard methods, you can also configure your DEXTech Pure System according to your requirements and for each sample. The free method parameterization enables you to enter a method yourself and save it in the system. This means that up to 30 methods can be called up, changed and saved under a different name at any time.

DEXTech Pure: Sample preparation from the specialist

DEXTech Pure offers the proven advantages such as easy handling, automated sample processing, a multitude of safety functions and good results, which have already been proven by numerous private and state institutes.

The system can handle all types of 

  • Environmental samples, such as B. soil, sewage sludge, sediments,
  • Food and feed samples, such as fish, meat, fish oil, eggs, vegetable oils and feed mixtures,
  • biological matrices such as blood

Edit quickly, easily and reliably.

Interchangeable columns, permanent rinsing of all parts that were in contact with the sample and the fact that the sample and the syringe pump do not come into contact, reliably prevent cross-contamination.