DEXTech Plus

Automated PCB and dioxin analysis

DEXTech Plus sets new standards in terms of flexibility, reduction of costs per sample and ease of use.

The system is based on a 3-column concept and is incredibly fast with a throughput of 3,500 samples per year with only one flow path and a processing time of only 35 minutes per sample. The solvent consumption is very low.

Greatest flexibility of all automated systems

By using different column types and the freely parameterizable method input you have the possibility to configure your DEXTech Plus system according to your requirements for each sample.

Standard method or flexible parameterization

DEXTech Plus has stored, evaluated standard methods such as B. the default SMART method for processing within 35 minutes. However, the user can also freely parameterize a method and save it in the system. The saved methods can be called up at any time via the password-protected touchscreen, changed and saved under a different name.

Operation made child’s play with DEXTech Plus

The columns can simply be clicked into the column tower “just click it”. This is then automatically braced using a patented process. Then place the extract in the DEXTech Plus. Manual pre-processing is not necessary. The sample is loaded automatically via the syringe pump, whereby it never comes into contact with the syringe pump. Cross-contamination is therefore reliably excluded. The sample vessel is then rinsed for a quantitative transfer.

More details on the LCTech columns for PCB and dioxin analysis

During the entire processing time, the touch screen shows the status of the processing. A signal tone and an LED display inform about the end of processing.

DEXTech Plus conforms to the EPA method and European regulations.

Particularly interesting for high-throughput
laboratories : When 4 DEXTech Plus systems are used in parallel, a throughput of up to 14,000 samples   per year can be achieved.

Security features

We attach particular importance to the safety of the user.
Therefore, the DEXTech Plus system has many security features:

Monitoring sensors

The system is equipped with a pressure sensor for pressure monitoring, an overflow sensor of the waste container and a leakage sensor under a removable drip pan. If one of the sensors detects an error, the system stops processing the sample. After the error has been rectified, the processing of the sample is continued.

No mechanical movement when the door is open

DEXTech Plus works in the low voltage range and only when the door is closed. This also gives the system a high security standard.

Free choice of place in the laboratory

Due to the well-sealed fraction flask, no trigger is necessary and the device can be placed flexibly in the laboratory.

Quality control report

DEXTech Plus has a USB interface as standard, which can be used to transfer processing reports generated in the software to a computer.
Up to 28 individual sample preparations can be saved here. This means that all data relating to the sample are documented safely and the risk of loss is excluded.