DEXTech Heat

For PCB and dioxin samples that cure at room temperature

Samples, such as PATHs or stearin, cure at room temperature. The DEXTech Heat was specially developed for these samples.

Your sample remains fluid during the entire purification process without additional manual steps, since the system heats it up in all necessary positions. An automated “walk-away” solution with the certainty that your sample will be processed reliably without clogging.

Melt every sample

All components involved, from the sample vial to the loading of the first column, are constantly heated via 3 heating zones. The temperature of the heating zones can be set individually using a control unit.

Simple, safe and flexible

Based on DEXTech Pure  , DEXTech Heat has the proven technology and functions of the DEXTech product family:

  • Automated processing without manual steps during the entire process
  • Perfect separation of PCB and dioxins into one fraction with excellent results
  • Standard methods (Alox Pure, Alox Plus method) or flexible parameterization
  • Column tower with patented locking system that clamps the columns pressure-tight
  • 3-pillar concept with aluminum oxide pillar
  • Tested columns for PCB and dioxin analysis: ready to use, easy to use “just click it”
  • Proven no cross contamination
  • High recovery rates
  • Easy operation of the system
  • Security for the user through a variety of security functions

The system can also be used at any time without heating for ordinary samples that do not cure at room temperature.

DEXTech Heat creates all samples with the best results

DEXTech Heat reliably processes all samples from PCB and dioxin analysis. The heating prevents the purification column from clogging. In addition, the samples get a homogeneous consistency, which results in a better distribution of the quantification standard and thus better recoveries.
While a sample is being fractionated, the next sample can already be heated offline. This saves additional time.

The design of the system, interchangeable columns and automated rinsing steps also reliably rule out cross-contamination with this DEXTech system.