Columns for Dioxin and PCB Analysis

Easiest handling: “just click it”

The LCTech columns are ready for use immediately after unpacking. DEXTech 16, DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Plus and DEXTech Heat  are equipped with a 3-column setup using a silica gel column (item 1), an aluminum oxide or Florisil column (item 2) and a carbon column (item. 3). The columns are simply positioned in the column tower by “just click it”. They are then tensioned electrically pressure-tight using the patented tensioning mechanism. Without screwing, without tools or further manual work steps. From sample to sample, quickly, flexibly and easily.

Variety in the choice of columns

Position 1: Universal or SMART column

Depending on individual requirements, matrix or desired method, each system of the DEXTech product family can be equipped with different pillars:

Universal column:

  • The acidic silica gel from these columns destroys the fat through cold hydrolysis. This process is clearly visible through the glass material of the column.
  • The loading capacity of the universal column is very high at 5 g fat and is an essential prerequisite for reaching the low determination limits.
    Due to a special silver nitrate layer, the universal column can be used for all matrices, even for samples that contain sulfur.

SMART column:

  • For samples with up to 1.5 g fat or a low matrix load.
    Advantage: the amount of solvent required and the process time are considerably reduced.

Quick and easy change between universal and SMART columns by clicking an adapter.

Position 2: Alumina or Florisil column

  • The aluminum oxide column is suitable for DEXTech 16, DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Plus and DEXTech Heat.
  • Depending on the number and composition of the fractions, the Florisil column can also be used in this position in the DEXTech Plus.

Position 3: carbon column

  • Reusable up to 10 times, this reduces the already very cheap column costs.
  • Advantages of DEXTech Pure, DEXTech 16 and DEXTech Heat: Cost savings with pure PCB analysis, since the carbon column is not required and is replaced by a dummy column.

Universal column, SMART column, adapter, aluminum oxide / Florisil column, carbon column (from left)

The acidic silica gel columns and aluminum columns consist of chemically inert glass and are individually welded in special foil with an aluminum barrier layer. The columns with the activated carbon are each sealed in 5 pieces in aluminum bags. All LCTech columns are protected against external influences even under adverse conditions.

Dummy columns are included in the basic equipment of every LCTech dioxin system if additional rinsing steps are required or only two columns are required.