Aflatoxins B/G and Ochratoxin A


About Aflatoxine and Ochratoxin A

Aflatoxins and ochratoxin A are formed by fungi when stored in a damp place and are often found together in many foods and feeds. Aflatoxins are found in nuts (e.g. peanuts, Brazil nuts), figs, dates, grains, dried peppers, spices and many other plant foods. Ochratoxin A is found in numerous cereals, dried fruits and nuts.

Coffee, cocoa and licorice are also often contaminated with ochratoxin A. It is also found in products made from contaminated grains, nuts and fruits, such as beer, wine, liqueurs, instant coffee and candy containing licorice. In order to make the work easier and halve the working time, it is advisable to examine the extracts for several mycotoxins in one step.

All in one

The Afla-OtaCLEAN columns are available in the practical 3 mL polypropylene format, which has clear advantages in handling compared to smaller column formats. The column bed consists of a soft gel with a storage buffer above it, which contains a preservative. The Afla-OtaCLEAN immunoaffinity column was developed for sample preparation in food analysis using HPLC with fluorescence detection or LC-MS.

Benefits at a glance

  • 3 mL format
  • Stable for 18 months at room temperature between 4 and 30 ° C
  • Loading capacity aflatoxin B1: 150 ng aflatoxin B1
  • Loading capacity ochratoxin A: 200 ng ochratoxin A
  • Best recoveries: B1> 90%, B2> 80%, G1> 90%, G2> 60%, ochratoxin A> 90%
  • Suitable for automated processing

How the columns work

A monoclonal antibody specially tailored to this area of ​​application guarantees the best results even with difficult matrices. With Afla-OtaCLEAN, both food and animal feed (aflatoxin B1) can be processed with very good success.

The functioning of the columns is based on the principle of immunoaffinity. The bed material in the Afla-OtaCLEAN columns is covered with antibodies that are directed against the aflatoxins B and G and against ochratoxin A. If a crude extract containing these mycotoxins is then passed over the column, these are selectively bound by the antibodies, while the rest of the matrix ends up in the waste. After a washing step, the aflatoxins and ochratoxin A can be quantitatively eluted from the column using methanol and then measured using HPLC.

SMART combined

The AflaCLEAN SMART and OtaCLEAN SMART immunoaffinity columns can also be combined. Simply put the two columns on top of each other and they are already available for the manual purification of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 and ochratoxin A.
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Quality is important to us!

Since both the antibody and the immunoaffinity columns are produced by LCTech, consistent quality is guaranteed during the entire production process through extensive quality tests. LCTech meets the high level of European and international legal regulations in mycotoxin analysis. An extensive quality certificate is enclosed with every pack.


The following recoveries are based on data collected from customers and LCTech. The results agree with the performance requirements of EC 401/2006 (section 4.3.1):

matrix B1 B2 G1 G2 OTA
rice 99 98 97 81 97
malt 98 99 97 70 96
peanut butter 99 98 99 73 94
Raisins 99 98 94 69 97
Corn 99 93 98 85 98
Black pepper) 93 91 97 78 95
Turmeric 77 83 73 74 95


Exemplary chromatograms are shown below, which were achieved using Afla-OtaCLEAN columns:

Rice spiked with 5 ppb aflatoxin (B / G) and 10 ppb ochratoxin A

Malt spiked with 10 ppb aflatoxin (B / G) and 10 ppb ochratoxin A