Useful Accessories for the FREESTYLE System

Both performance and user comfort of the FREESTYLE systems are significantly enhanced through the extensive range of accessories.

In the following you will find a number of interesting options:

Upgrades for more solvents

In some applications more than 3 solvents are needed for the clean-up. In the FREESTYLE BASIC unit are already 3 freely definable solvents selectable. The FREESTYLE BASIC can be expanded to 6 or even 15 solvents through optional valves. This upgrades can be easily retrofitted at a later date

Upgrade from 3 to 6 solvents
P/N 12953

Upgrade from 3 to 15 solvents
P/N 14433

Holder for solvent bottles

Sometimes it’s the little thing that makes life easier and more secure.
For this reason we strongly recommend our bottle rack for solvents. In this holder, the 1 L-solvent bottles are more stable, are accessible and won’t break as easily.

Rack for up to 6 bottles (1 L) for solvent supply
P/N 13156

Barcode reader

The barcode reader allows the automated scanning of your bar coded samples into the sample list. This speeds up sample registration significantly and prevents errors.

Barcode reader, premium reading performance and decoding
P/N 12115

Barcode reader, high resolution CCD scan-engine
P/N 12113

Fill level sensor

To avoid the undesired overflowing of the waste bottle, the fill level sensor stops the system as soon as the bottle is full. After emptying the waste bottle, sample processing will continue from that point at which the process had been interrupted.

Fill level sensor (float switch) for solvents
P/N 12709

Accessories for the SPE Module

SPE Columns made of Glass

Filled and unfilled
The SPE columns made of glass are available in a 3 mL and 6 mL version as well as with mm length or 180 mm length and 17 mm diameter.
The columns (except the Version with a length of 180 mm) are ideal for fully automated handling in the FREESTYLE system. LCTech also offers needed accessories, e.g. adapters, caps, needles, glass fiber filter and filling tool.
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Accessories for the EVAporation Module

Recirculation cooler

The operation of the intensive cooler of the EVAporation module for solvent recovery requires an external recirculation cooler. LCTech offers a proven model by an internationally renowned manufacturer. This cooler is delivered together with two insulated connecting pipes (plus screw fittings) and the coolant and is ready for installation. All you need is access to a separate socket.
Dimensions: 240 x 400 x 520 mm (width x depths x height)

Model 230 V, 50 Hz
P/N 12060

Model 115 V, 60 Hz
P/N 11170

Accessories for the GPC Module


A UV detector is one of the most important accessories for a GPC system. It is used exclusively for quality control of the GPC column. Through regular use, the UV detector recognizes elution time changes of the peaks: Hereby, the user can react instantly and adjust the window for fraction collection or refill the GPC column.  A low-cost fixed wavelength detector is sufficient. The required software is already included within the software bundle of the FREESTYLE GPC system. You only need a separate socket for power supply.

UV fixed wavelength detector, 254 nm, 240 V, 50Hz
P/N 10243

UV fixed wavelength detector, 254 nm, 110 V, 50Hz
P/N 11242

GPC columns

LCTech designed GPC columns for everyday laboratory use which are simple, self-explanatory in construction and robust. The columns are available filled or unfilled and in different length as well as with diverse filling levels. Through conditioning with different solvents, they are excellently suited for all official clean-up methods. Suitable refill kits enable simple refilling in the laboratory.
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The GPC test standard – Quality assurance of your GPC Column

The test standard contains:

  • corn oil (25 g/L)
  • ethylhexyl phthalat (1 g/L)
  • methoxychlor (200 mg/L)
  • perylene (20 mg/L)

in ethylacetate cyclohexane. The test is carried out on the basis of US EPA SW846 Method 3640A. The test standard is available in 16 mL vials. It has to be stored at 4-8 °C and in a dark place.

Accessories for the EVAporation and/ SPE Module

Nitrogen connection

(also suited for compressed air)
This connection enables a number of interesting applications:

With the EVAporation module

The EVAporation module concentrates large amounts of solvents rapidly assisted by warmth and vacuum (similar to a rotation evaporator). The final “mL” however is most crucial for a good recovery rate particularly with volatile analytes. These can only be blown-off with the help of nitrogen or compressed air. The heating of the EVAporation module supports this procedure. The nitrogen stream flows through the heat exchanger. Here the majority of the solvents are recovered and not blown into the environment, as is the case with most other blow-off equipment.
P/N 12905

With SPE module

Sometimes, SPE columns need to be dried. This is achieved through either air flow via injection pump or with nitrogen via the nitrogen connection described above.
P/N 12905

If the FREESTYLE system is equipped with both modules, the nitrogen connection is only required once and can be used for both functions. The valve can be easily retrofitted, since the pipes are already integrated into the FREESTYLE BASIC system. Control is done via software.