DEXTech 16

Incomparable automation: DEXTech 16

With the DEXTech 16 purification system, LCTech has developed a sensation for PCB and dioxin analysis .

As a specialist for automated sample preparation, we set a new and unique standard: the fully automated purification of 16 samples in 1 sequence: for food and feed, environmental and biological samples. The system separates PCB and dioxins into separate fractions.

1 system – 1 sequence – 16 samples

DEXTech 16 processes 16 samples fully automatically, unattended in one sequence, around the clock, day and night. An autosampler loads your samples quantitatively one after the other. It is then transferred to the 3-column setup of the system via the sample loop. The purification is based on the proven technology of the DEXTech Pure System using an acidic silica gel column, an aluminum oxide column and a carbon column.

Details on the LCTech columns for PCB and dioxin analysis

Flexible method parameterization

In addition to the standard methods already stored in the system, you can freely parameterize, save and change up to 28 other methods at any time. So you have the possibility to configure your DEXTech 16 according to your requirements for each sample. Methods that have already been evaluated on the DEXTech Plus and DEXTech Pure systems can be transferred to full automation with DEXTech 16.
The clean-up in DEXTech 16 complies with the EPA method and European regulations.

Just 30 minutes of preparation and off you go

Equipping the system with samples, selecting or entering the method and then simply clicking – “just-click-it” – ready-to-use columns into the column carousel only takes 30 minutes to prepare a sequence. After the system has been started, DEXTech 16 processes sample by sample without any further manual intermediate step. The analytes of the purified fractions can then be measured in a single GC / MS run after evaporation.

Software and other features for easy handling

The heart of the DEXTech 16 is a well thought-out but easy-to-use software. This is easy to use for the user via touchscreen and contains password-protected areas, an overview of the respective process status and report generation.

The special design, interchangeable columns and automated rinsing steps reliably rule out cross-contamination. In addition, the system has numerous safety devices, such as. B.

  • Permanent monitoring of robotics operations
  • Waste container overflow sensor
  • Overpressure detection with “non-stop policy”

Automate routine: More time for other activities

Years of experience combined with unique technology enable this impressive progress: The full automation in PCB and dioxin analysis – and thus the processing of your samples during the day, night and even on weekends. In addition to additional sample throughput, you can also optimally utilize your GC / MS system.