D-EVA Vacuum Concentrator

D-EVA vacuum concentrator

Before or after sample purification in PCB and dioxin analysis, it is often necessary to concentrate the samples in a smaller volume.

With D-EVA (Dioxin Evaporation) a brilliant solution for a fast, parallel and reproducible concentration of 1 – 26 samples was developed. The number of samples to be processed in the rotor is irrelevant.

The system concentrates your samples with a vacuum and energy supply via light to a small volume and reliably prevents further evaporation to dryness with the help of a special LCTech sensor.

Automatic stop for unattended processing

The LCTech sensor enables reliable evaporation almost to dryness or to a usual final volume of 30 to 100 µL for the PCDD / F fraction (F2) and 300 to 500 µL for the PCB fraction (F1). Subsequent transfer into the insert of a GC vial is even possible with rinsing. The design and the special technology of the system reliably exclude a memory effect, which would lead to an undesired further evaporation after the system was switched off.

Additional advantages

  • D-EVA is very space-saving, since only one device is required to process several samples in parallel – regardless of the number of samples.
  • No cleaning steps during the entire process
  • Due to moderate speeds during centrifugation, a gravitational field is formed, which reliably prevents delayed boiling.
  • A cold trap, in which the solvent is collected, prevents vapors in the laboratory and enables easy disposal.
  • Different rotors for different vessels
  • No cross contamination